On the 22nd of January, 2010 came out of the presses of the publishing house "Semne", the book titled "A NEW BEGINNING KARATE”, having Mr. Costica Ursac as author. He is a martial arts trainer, who holds a black belt in various martial arts systems such as: Kobudo - 5 Dan, Karate WSKF - 4 Dan; Kaisendo - 5 Dan.

The author is a graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports in the "Ecological University of Bucharest" and of master studies -" Management of sports activities".
The book aims to be not merely for guidance, but a bedside book for anyone wishing to enter the fascinating world of martial arts.
Maybe it is not bad that before entering a martial arts dojo to read this book, which will help us to be familiar with what we learn. It will provide answers to many questions and contradictory statements for the unknowing.
Throughout the book you will find interesting chapters that are not merely informational, but also an interesting reading for knowledge.
The book was written over two years and a half. It is addressed to all practitioners of karate, but also for those who do not have the courage to begin this knowledge because of lack of information or incorrect information they encounter at every step.
This book answers a series to of questions asked over time. It shows the true reality of martial arts and wants to shatter the false ideas and concepts of the ordinary man who, unwittingly associates "Karate" or martial arts to violence. Not true, says as is said in chapter 7 of the book, which sheds some light on many contradictions.
Chapter 2 "The martial arts growth and development" confirms once again that the position is rather an individual genetic effect and not a product of practicing certain sports.
"The importance of exercise and physical movement in general" in Chapter 1, is a new approach that highlights once again that we have a large deficit in the education for sports, for exercise and that, as shown in this chapter, deprives us of a great benefit - health.
Chapter 3 treats the concept of "Ki" and the relation between "Ki" energy  and martial arts, a very interesting topic, a topic that puts us in a new light of human existence and that, for every man is a new topic, a topic that is both taboo and fascinating at the same time. Especially for martial artists who are familiar with the subject, better understand the effect of the philosophy of the concept.

In the technical chapters all karate practitioners must find the necessary information to fill in those lacks they had until now. Here are contained all attack and defense techniques, from the basic ones to the most complex ones as kicking techniques.
Chapter 12 is reserved for a subject that is little discussed in karate or martial arts books – the “school of falling” - Ukemi Waza, which is typical for Judo. Practice has shown us that learning these techniques is of great importance in the martial arts.
Shiwari Techniques in Chapter 13 are an interesting challenge to puts into practice the use of correct breathing while using the “Ki” energy training and professionalism of a karateka.
In Chapter 14 you will find a serious documentary on the breath and breathing techniques used in martial arts.
Chapter 15 is an exterior vision on martial arts and how they are perceived before coming into contact with them.
Less common, the author offers, as a final chapter, a small support for martial artists by teaching them how to reduce some of the unpleasant effects of minor physical ailments without medication.
The author sincerely hopes that this book is a good asset for martial arts.

The book can be purchased only from author: tel. 0728.254.617 / 0745.186.957

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