Has a Bachelor Degree in Physical Education and Sports, with more than 48 years of uninterrupted practice of martial arts.
He teaches self defense and Police Self Defense for the Municipal Police of Madrid.
He is currently Founder President of the International Federation of Kaisendo & Police Self Defense.
He is also President of the Confederation of Euro-American Association of Karate and Martial Arts (CEKAMA) and Deputy Chairman of the International Confederation of Police and security experts. (ICPS).
In November 2003 in Martial Arts Hall “Hall of Fame” in the city of Valencia - by ISMA Spain (International School of Martial Arts),  the Kaisendo Defense System, a system founded by Soke Juan.J.Diaz, was given it world wide recognition.

Soke Juan J. Diaz has admitted;

  • 10 Dan Kaisendo
  • 10 Dan Goju Ryu Karate Nibukai
  • 10 Dan Jiu Jitsu
  • 10 Dan Jiu Jitsu10 Dan Karate Jutsu
  • 9 Dan Tai-Ho-Jutsu
  • 9 Dan Aiki  Jiu Jitsu
  • 8 Dan Karatedo, validated by the International Federation of Budokai
  • 8 Dan Bu Jutsu granted by the French Association of Bu Jutsu.
  • 4 Dan de Tonfa  Policial.
National Coach of Judo and Karate.

He is a recognized trainer and is authorized by the General Police Department with number 2076 and Chief Instructor in Police Defensive Techniques and Tactics recognized by the Ministry of Labor in France, no. 11753859075.
Global Director & Chief Instructor of the Police Academy and Tactical Operations (OTP) of Venezuela, recognized and certified by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. from Venezuela with number 01941504.

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