Kaisendo origins date back to 1997, but he was present since the early '80s, when Cuba was engaged in a similar system introduced by Master Ikeda, Yoshimón family. In Spain, the 80 systems appeared Kyokushin Karate, Ashihara Karate under the direction of Maestro José Cortina Romero, principal developer in the city of Valencia.

In this current period Soke Juan J. Diaz was honored to receive training in the arts, and related his knowledge of judo and Jiu Jitsu, Karate practitioner already, Karate-Jutsu since 1968 and relying mainly on self-defense techniques, managed under the direction Mastra Aikido Tomas Sanchez, a former student of Master Tamura, very important to perfect these techniques, if forced into this control system called Kaisendo.

The family system practiced in Cuba Yoshimon mainly based on techniques of Judo and Jiu-Jitsu, remained different Kaisendo system in which technical decisions are based on 80% on the techniques of Karate Jutsu, Ashihara Karate, and ends with techniques of Ju Jutsu, Aikido as appropriate, turning everything into a police station.

Kaisendo defense system (SIAK) is a martial art in itself, but it is a training system with a scientific and educational base, which is fueled by different combat systems, which form a defense system using hands, feet, head and knees without involving technical resources and tools, against different types of attack and more likely to study various physical and mental capacity.


Kaisendo system is designed as a system to combat bullying, a comprehensive system of personal defense and police. This system prepares the student for self-defense and is able to neutralize aggressive action in the short term, without a lot of exercise.

The martial arts Kaisendo (SIAK), stems from the need to integrate more effective techniques of fighting arts in a single system of self defense, based on physical principles and technical tricks not taught in courses on the principle of individual defense.

The basic techniques are based on techniques Kaisendo Karate Jutsu, and the specific defense system are not treated as a sport of judo and karate. However there is a regulation in Kaisendo competitions to enable practitioners of various verification of this system efficiency and effectiveness of techniques learned in the dojo.

Kaisendo martial art system (SIAK) keep open the line of integration of a sports forms, providing practitioners of karate, judo and Ju Jutsu, the possibility of integration in this complex system called Kaisendo that besides deepening to a martial art that offers a major intersection with self-control.

SIAKFotoKaisendo, is a martial art system, which interact in a systematic way of teaching techniques chosen for their implementation of systems such as Karate, applying techniques of leg kicks, hand, elbow, knee, judo, with techniques projection and detention, and Ju-Jutsu, Aikido, when using the lever action, and key pressure points on the joints.

And other combat systems such as boxing as interact with the system and attacks Kaisendo circular punch or Kenpo Jitsu Kick Boxing, contributes to his concept of continuous fluid chain techniques to give a conclusive answer to a special attack.

Founder Kaisendo system, Soke Juan J. Diaz is recognized and recorded in the golden book of "Hall of Fame" by ISMA (International School of Martial Arts) Martial Arts this system since 2003.

The system is legally recognized and legalized by the Spanish Interior Ministry, with registration number 163251, registered in the national register of associations, through SIAK (International System of struggle and self Kaisendo), the World Karate Federation (WKC) by the International Committee of Sport for All (CSIT), the Ministry of Sport in Cuba, Venezuela's Ministry of Culture and Sports and Ministry of Sports of Russia, Italy, France.
Among the protagonists of this system include: Master Cabeiro Luis Caballero, 8 Dan Kaisendo - National Director Kaisendo in Cuba: Jean Michel Roncero 8 Dan Kaisendo - Kaisendo National Director for France: José Casas 7 Dan Kaisendo - Kaisendo National Director of Venezuela: Vadim Moroz 6th Dan Kaisendo, National Director for Russia.

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