What is the philosophy that underlies Kaisendo?

In our view, there is no martial art better than another, the superiority is shown by the practitioner that prevails.

We found that many times many of those who teach defensive techniques are far from objective reality and the student in a real battle, can not apply the techniques learned. These techniques are good only in the imagination of those who teach in order to amaze the uninitiated.

On the one hand, we are familiar with many cases of black belt instructors in the dojo, but a mediocre training in street fighting, and who do not feel confident of their technique to initiate the annihilation of a hostile element, or engaging in a defensive situation to help another person in distress.

On the other hand, it is known that he who engages in any altercation must be qualified in an art of combat, must have great determination, ability to self-sacrifice, physical training and psychological endurance but also many years of training in the gym.

Many teachers teach a series of self-defense techniques, but forget to adjust training techniques according to the student's physical and psychological capabilities, to refine the techniques that best fit its profile so as to develop an effective and personalized system of self defense capable to withstand any physical attack in the street.

Kaisendo system is designed as a "Self defense" combat system that prepares the student for self-defense in order to be able to neutralize aggressive action in the short term, without requiring a large dowry of physical qualities.

What is a Kaisendoka discipline?

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It is believed that in general, martial artists are very disciplined and many believe that this is due to the strict rules of the dojo.

It is true that some schools are more militaristic than others; the purpose of such discipline is to ensure a healthy environment and to form a proper respectful behavior. By creating a supportive learning environment one can make great strides in improving personal progress. Self esteem is the philosophy and the nature of Kaisendo and they guarantee to anyone development and improvement to a high degree of personal control, which will bring the fulfillment of great results.

Students must strengthen their will to participate in classes, to be responsive and dedicated to the teacher, and must be open to progress and have a remarkable attitude towards himself and those around him both in and outside of the Dojo. That he will create a new kind of life that can become permanent, through their work and thus progress gradually.

Disciplining a Kaisendoka does not need a hard or rigid and unnatural regime but rather we need to support emotional balance, the constant desire of knowledge, experimentation and accumulation of new knowledge. We also need a balanced and integral psychological structure of understanding, harmony and moderation, which will create an authentic practitioner of self-defense. Personal and individual desire for knowledge, for learning from esoteric philosophy and concepts of Zen Buddhist monks, can only give us much to study, trying to discover the truth and enlightenment without obligation or influence someone to choose an ascetic life.

A Kaisendoka is not trained to attack anyone unduly, nor to have a passive attitude in the event of a conflict situation when a person is assaulted and his or her personal integrity is threatened. Kaisendoka practices an in-depth study of how to control and use his body, his knowledge, his thinking and emotional process so as to support defense and self defense against the aggression of an opponent. The main task of a Kaisendoka, is, together with his current life, to deepen and fester into solving an aggression.

Rookie Kaisendoka!

One of the most valuable concepts of the oriental philosophy is crystallized by the Japanese word “shin nyunan” - beginner. The translation of the term refers to the state of responsiveness and ability to initiate and desire to learn and accept the teachings during training. "Non-receptive mind" could be better fitted with the term "beginner's mind", as many teachers say, because many of the students often have preconceived notions that beginners should dissipate before being able to learn.
The Kaisendo martial art system arises from the need to integrate more effective techniques of fighting arts in a single system of self defense, based on physical principles and technical tricks that are real and not frequently taught in various dojos, or individual informal training courses.
All martial arts are inherently about self-defense, but their scope and purpose, is often projected to various forms of attack. We say, for example, that a judo practitioner defends himself, but it is for those familiar with the techniques of throwing. The techniques of Karate, Kick Boxing, Aikido of joint control are unfamiliar to a boxer who definitely will not learn boxing for self defense. Its goal is to win a fight with many kicks to the bag and win a title. In addition, the rules established for this purpose, destroy any possibility of using martial arts techniques, even if harsh and sometimes dangerous situations are needed in case of aggression, but rather efficient use of those techniques which leads to an immediate response that is appropriate to the situation itself.
In Kaisendo, techniques are based on Karate Jutsu, the branch of martial arts with a special relationship with defense rather than sport such as Judo or Karate. Therefore, Kaisendo created such a competitive rule-set, as exist in Jiu Jitsu, that allows the martial artists that approach Kaisendo to use the teachings of their own Dojo and to demonstrate their effectiveness.
Our system of martial art, keeps the above mentioned line, and, its integration in the sport concept allows any practitioner to intersect in various competitions in karate, judo or ju jutsu, because the teachings of the Kaisendo martial art include them as a basis and all are concerned with the same concept - self-control.
We also believe that a true martial arts expert is formed in the struggle and confrontation with other martial artists from other styles and not when he competes with a competitor in the same martial art, with the same rules, standards and gaps. Kaisendo offers this possibility for practitioners from different martial art styles to meet and prove their abilities and, why not, to better effectiveness of techniques that lead to maximum efficiency with minimum effort.
Through Kaisendo we can say that, in a way, the old notion "every professor with his methods" is shattered. Here exist no secrets because a variety of styles of martial arts join forces to create one single entity, a system that has the sole purpose of obtaining maximum efficiency with minimum time and effort.

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