Kaisendo is a self-defense system that uses various martial art techniques to obtain maximum efficiency with minimum effort.
It is basically a system for restraining a potential aggressor, but without a long fight, by simply annihilating aggression with techniques for locking, immobilization or choking.
The Kaisendo system uses simple techniques of self-defense within the limits of law that permits to bring the aggressor to the nearest police station simply by physically restraining the aggressor.


Kainsendo is a personal defense system that brings knowledge derived from martial arts fighting, without underestimating any of them. On the contrary, they will be used depending on the moment and circumstances for the purpose of personal police defense. According to the Kaisendo system we always react according to the magnitude of the attack, responding with decisive and effective techniques, respecting the law and individual rights of each person. Police personal defense is not a street fight although many cases it may be. The student must control the situation every time in order to solve the crisis as soon as possible. The main objective of the defendant is to control and direct the abuser to the police station, therefore there is a strong difference between urban personal defense and police defense. Kaisendo is about police personal defense not as a training course to be passed by students, but as a permanent training, which will serve to both maintain fitness and also continuously improve their technical abilities  that will allow identification of an assault at any time, in any place and in any circumstance.

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